Bespoke Tailoring

At the Bello Mo Group, we pride ourselves in delivering quality without shortcuts or compromises. We combine both hand and machine work to create a unique fit contouring to your silhouette.  All of our garments whether they are suits, shirts, jackets, pants or accessories are detailed specific to your posture, build stance and style preference.

Bespoke Process

Why go custom?  The answer to this question varies.  Some people have a difficult time shopping off the rack due to their unique build and body type.  Others may want a one of a kind look that they can call their own.  Our bespoke tailoring offers full customization giving you total control to design a look that not only provides individual style but also comfort allowing for a full range of motion.  In order to capture your desired comfort and proper fit we begin the process with 25 plus measurements including posture and body build typing.  

After your measurements are logged into your profile we then move to the fabric selection phase to build your bespoke piece. We have a large catalog selection of over 3,000 fabrics from world class fabric mills such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Ermenegildo Zegna,Drago, Guabello, Trabaldo Togna and Marzotto that all vary from pattern, weight and blend.

Once the fabric is determined, we then move to the actual design and cut.  At this stage of the bespoke process clients typically have reservations on pushing the fashion envelope or are unsure of what options that have when it comes to designing a custom garment. Our Bello Mo representatives are also image consultants and are at your service for ideas, suggestion and any concerns regarding fit and customization options.  Again, the purpose of going custom is to create an identity of elegance unique to you.  Together we will build a look that's detailed giving you full control of how the suit is constructed.

We guarantee delivery within six (6) weeks from the day you place your order.  Once we deliver your bespoke suit we will undergo a second fitting to ensure the garments fit properly.  Satisfaction is our goal and fit is the key.  If any alterations need to be made we will schedule a third and final fitting.  Dust bags and velvet hangers are included as well.